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About Us

At WashTrends, we want to spotlight innovation! But, to do this, we must first find it. In 2008, when we launched WashTrends as a quarterly print publication, some questioned how we could find enough innovative news to write about. Indeed, they scoffed after two or three issues that we would run out of new topics. But even now, in 2022 (14 years later), we are still seeking and FINDING innovation.

In 2020 we launched Carwash Industry Insider to complement WashTrends. Our readers told us that they would also like access to a publication that is a “go-to” resource. Carwash Industry Insider is all about products, services, industry news, and examples of excellence. Carwash Industry Insider is structured to provide opportunities for reader submissions for Cover Profile, Carwash Profile, Focus on Innovation, and Product of the Month.

We attend trade shows and industry meetings, listening to what people have to say. We are always looking for “the buzz.” Look for us at the show! We always have something yummy, whether chocolate or fresh cookies. We will also likely ask you what you have seen at the show that is “hot”.

Pat Troy

Pat Troy is the publisher of WashTrends Magazine and Carwash Industry Insider. She is proud of our WashTrends team for focusing on grassroots innovation and the human side of the car wash industry in the US, and now worldwide.

Cheryl Kinney

Cheryl Kinney is the Associate Publisher of WashTrends Magazine and Carwash Industry Insider. WashTrends is her passion. She enjoys having the creative leverage to work in the carwash industry and with savvy carwashers  worldwide. She is also a swimmer, a painter, and has a Hava-poo pup named Charlie.

Sandy Travis Bildahl

Sandy Travis Bildahl has been Editor-in-Chief of WashTrends for more than 10 years. As an active participant in the carwash industry, Sandy is often seen at ICA and NRCC and has been featured two times as a speaker at the Women in Carwash Conference. Sandy is also an artist and creator of WashTrends well loved water covers, which highlight the beauty, value, and importance of this essential resource. Her recently published book, Bravery Becomes You: On the Road to Fearless and Free has been featured in WashTrends. This is her third book.

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood accepted the position as Editor of Car Wash Industry Insider upon its formation in late 2019. Since that time, Elizabeth developed relationships with many industry professionals, wash owners, and sales and marketing specialists to provide insightful industry news to the WashTrends/Car Wash Industry subscribers.

Because of a strong sales and marketing background, Elizabeth’s motivation is to grow and nurture business opportunities that will drive industry success. Her greatest motivation is to be a role model for her three daughters and show them that they can achieve anything they work hard to accomplish.

Betsy Earley

Betsy Earley has been a graphic designer for more than 30 years. She brings her graphic design skills and creativity to Next Wave Group where she has been Director of Publications for over 20 years.

Kelsey Schaible

Kelsey Schaible is the graphic designer of WashTrends Magazine, along with additional Bay Media publications. She has worked with Bay Media and Next Wave Group for 17 years, and counting. 

Kelsey owns a boutique creative agency based out of Hermosa Beach, CA that specializes in graphic design and branding for artisans and changemakers.

Anne Benjamin

Anne Benjamin has been working on the WashTrends website since it began. She brings her understanding of programming, design, and search engine optimization to help WashTrends be the best it can be. She has been working with Bay Media and Next Wave Group for over 20 years as a website developer.

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